15 November 2009

How To Make A Christmas Decoration


1 Get a white piece of card and cut a round head out
2 Stick two googly eyes on
3 Draw a nose and a mouth on him or her
4 Give him a hat cut out of a different piece of coloured card
5 Cut out a bigger round body
6 Draw three small circles in a downwards row
for his buttons
7 Make four strips for arms and legs (if you want)
8 Colour them in brown to look like branches
9 Stick all the body pieces together
10 Use a hole puncher to make one hole at the top
11 Hang it up on a pin in the wall for Christmas

You can do Reindeer or Santa Claus or any other Christmas decorations to hang up by changing the shapes and colours.

Have fun making them!


PS: The one I did in the picture has two holes because one of them ripped when I tested it.