18 December 2010

Story: Sally Saves Santa

It was Christmas eve and Santa's elves were very busy. So busy that they forgot to feed the reindeers their magic food. While that kerfuffle was going on Sally was staying up without asking. She wanted to see Santa. She was watching out of the window when she saw Santa. He was struggling. He only just got to the chimney. Just then Rudolph slipped down the roof and banged his nose, it flickered for a few seconds then went out. Because you see he couldn't fly because the elves didn't give them his magic food. Santa can't give his presents to children without a light. That very second Sally had an idea. They could use her red light bulb with a bit of magic of course. So Sally found her red light bulb and Santa connected it to Rudolph's nose with a spot of magic. He also fed the reindeers some spare magic food. Sally said bye to Santa and went off to bed while he put some presents under her Christmas tree.
By Megan.