11 March 2012

How to make a quiz pass-the-parcel

How to make a quiz pass-the-parcel easily
1.)Think up a theme for your pass the parcel depending on what occasion your making it for
2.)Do some research on that theme and make some questions up about it (you could find an on-line quiz to copy)
3.)Cut some paper into  rectangles and write your questions on them (maybe stick a picture to the top of them linked to the question to make it more interesting
4.)Gather up a range of tasty in-date sweets
5.)Buy a prize for the middle of your pass-the-parcel for the winner
6.)Get together some wrapping paper or old newspaper to wrap the layers in
7.)Cut out a biggish piece of paper and put your prize on it
8.)Use some sellotape to stick the paper around the prize to keep away prying eyes
9.)Stick the last question on the top once you have wrapped it up
10.)Do the same for every layer except with sweets this time
11.)Find some nice music to use
12.)Have fun with your friends and family playing pass the parcel!
P.S:You could give your quiz pass the parcel a twist by changing the rules! :)