16 June 2012

Chili Recipe

Hi, I have been cooking with my Mum and I have found out a recipe for you. It makes a delicious chilli I hope you enjoy.

                                                                  Chilli Recipe

1.)Gently warm oil in pan
2.)Chop 1 large onion or 2 small ones
3.)Put onions in pan until golden brown
4.)Chop a red pepper (if you don't have red use another colour but red is best)
5.)Put in pan until soft
6.)Add the mince,beef or lamb to the pan to golden brown
7.)Fry mince,onions and peppers
8.)Meanwhile rinse can of kidney beans
9.)Get some canned chopped tomatoes ready
10.)Put the chopped tomatoes in the pan
11.)Mix with spoon
12.)Put chilli con carne recipe mix in pan
13.)Put one cube of oxo beef in pan
14.)Add some water if it looks a bit dry
15.)Put a sprinkle of crushed chilli in (if you want it spicier)
16.)Put kidney beans in
17.)Mix with spoon
18.)Simmer for 20 mins but keep stirring ocasionally
19.)(optional) get rice ready in a cup/mug
20.)Put rice in a clean sieve
21.)Wash under running water until the water coming out of the bottom is clear
22.)Get pan with lid ready
23.)Boil kettle
24.)Put a tiny drop of oil in pan
25.)Add one teaspoon of salt to pan
26.)Put washed rice in pan with oil and salt and stir
27.)Put two cups/mugs of boiling water from the kettle in pan
28.)Bring to  boil, turn down low and put on lid
29.)Stir after 5 mins then put lid back on for 5 more mins, fork through before serving
30.)(optional at same time as rice) warm oven gas mark 6
31.)Put garlic bread in for 16-18 mins
32.)Set the table
33.)Once you have set the table slice the garlic bread, put it on a cutting board and put it on the table.
34.) Dish up the rice around the edge of a plate and put the chilli in the middle