20 April 2015

Finished Fashion Collection

For several months now I have been working on this one piece of art. It is a dress collection that I created using a fashion book. The page I used had simple templates of dresses that had noting on them, the brief was to make them into prom dresses but I kind of ignored that bit, instead I created zentangle style dresses. Zentangle is a form of drawing. It was first created in India by a man and his wife who relaxed regularly (i.e meditation etc.). As you can tell by the name it is a form of zen (a japanese word for meditation) so it is meant to be relaxing to complete. The second part of the word 'tangle' is like doodling which is exactly what you do in zentangle-very detailed and intricate doodles! As I said before, it's supposed to be a calming and relaxing art form similar to meditation but a bit different, however I didn't really see it like that, it may of been relaxing, yes, but I just used it as a way to draw if you see what I mean. I used black fineliners of different sizes to create my collection. Take a look below at the picture (click on it to see it full size)! I hope you like it!

13 April 2015


Hi guys! Just to let you know that I am having problems with comments on this blog. I have enabled them and looked through all the settings, even had someone check on another computer to see if you can comment however, it seems that the comments only work on one post (which is really old anyway) so I really don't know what's wrong. I'm sorry that I told you all that you could comment a while ago, since you can't. I'll try and get it fixed as soon as I can but in the meantime you can still enjoy reading my posts. :)

12 April 2015

Wonderful Watercolours

Today me and my mum have been using my watercolour paints and paper to create some pretty images from around the garden (and one pottery museum). We first used fine-liners to draw out the outline and we both liked the effect that they made on the pictures.
  Here is the only picture that isn't a garden themed one. Mum was inspired by pottery museums to make this industrial looking picture with lots of stone and brick work. I love the different shades she has used so that it doesn't all blend together as one brown picture.  Also she has gone into so much detail there is even a cobbled street and if you look very closely there is even a little bird on one of the chimneys.

The next picture is also my mums. I think it looks a lot like a flowery spring meadow but it's supposed to be a lovely flowerbed in a garden. It has lavender, rose and even more flowers in it! I love the bright grass green in the background! Also, the flowers colours work really well together!
Now lets start to look at my watercolour paintings. The first one I'll show you is my least favourite. It is a picture of a garden with a vegetable patch and a cat in it! I made it so you could see the vegetables and roots under the ground.
My last image is also drawn by me it is my favourite of my own drawings. It is a wooden birdhouse that is our garden. It has been standing outside for years so now it is peeling and has a bit of mould on it. I tried to capture the worn look of it in my painting.

I really hope you liked our pieces of art. If you haven't already tried using watercolours then you really should! My mum hadn't tried them before today but she really enjoyed creating the art. Have a go!