20 January 2016

My Winter in Photos

 Hiya everyone! During Winter (so far) I have taken lots of photos! Some of them are quite good but others didn't make it to this post! I'll be showing you some of my favourites in this post, not all of them are amazing quality but I quite like them all!

This Winter I have been enjoying cuddling up in front of a movie with hot chocolate and popcorn! It's a fun thing to do when it's cold outside! It's a nice treat occasionally, but I don't do this often! It's been snowing in the past few weeks so I snapped a pic of my snacks! I've been watching films such as Frozen when it's frosty out and I recommend that you do the same when you have nothing else to do! These pictures weren't a very good quality originally but  edited them for a while and I'm happy with the results! 

Here is a photo of my Christmas nailart! I am really bad at painting my fingernails (like most people) so I got someone to help me with this. I don't normally do nailart but I think this glitzy deisgn looked great!

When my sister and I were decorating the tree (and our living room) for Christmas, I couldn't resist taking pictures of some of the decorations! Our family keep Christmas decorations for years, even through generations, so there's a story behind every ornament. these two decorations however, are ones that we received during my lifetime. The wooden star decoration was created in front of me at a school fair and the frog prince on the left was a table present form a few years ago. The lighting from the lamp really helped create this beautiful photo but I really took my time to edit it too!

 And last but not least, here is a photo I took in the past few days when it snowed where I live! I went on a walk and took lots of photos in the Winter wonderland but this one was my favourite! You can really see the detail when it is large and up close. My wellies sank deep into the snow and with every step the snow made that satisfying crunching noise! The walk was so picturesque so I thought I would share this you.

So have you enjoyed Winter so far? I just love the cosy nights in, pretty walks in the snow and all the joy that Winter brings! Which was your favourite photo of mine? Let me know in the comments. :) I edited all of these photos on picmonkey, a really great resource for bloggers who want to improve their photography. I've been testing this website out recently and I really enjoy it! One of the best bits of it is that most of it is free and you don't HAVE so sign up. Yes, there are some things that are limited when you don't have an account but there are still plenty of things you can do to your photos. See for yourselves the results I have achieved! I hope you have a great new year and continue to enjoy your Winter! Bye for now!

16 January 2016

How And Why You Should Write Letters

Hi guys! As more and more technology is developing, it is so easy to instantly contact someone. Although this is a great thing, this means that letter writing is fading away! This is a big shame because it is such a lovely thing to do! As a blogger I love writing, so I often write letters to people! It is such a creative, fun activity to do! I think you should write letters because it is more meaningful in my opinion than sending a text because you have taken the time to write about all that is going on! It is so nice to receive a letter in the post. I am one of those people who rush to the door when the postman arrives, it's so exciting when an envelope arrives with your name on! If you're that sort of person then letter writing is for you!
      One of the best things about letter writing is that you can really personalize your letters! So when I am saying this is 'how you should write letters' I really mean these are my tips for being creative!

Tip#1. Create small gifts- Why not slip in a little gift like a bookmark, hairclip or some stickers? You can easily craft these yourself and they can make someone's day! Unless you are OK with paying extra postage, you should keep these as flat as possible! I've always thought that I should start making lots of little gifts and keep them for the future but I've never got round to it!

Tip#2. Include sketches- If you are an arty person you could add in your drawings instead of a gift! This can help you to practice your art and the person who you send it to could even help you with some feedback on your art!

Tip #3. Use cute stationery- I am a big fan of stationery so I suppose that's the best part of letter writing for me! I get to use all of my favourite paper and washi tape and pens and EVERYTHING! Hehehe! :'D Most of my letter writing sets are from Paperchase , which is one of my favourite shops! There are so many different designs to choose from so you can choose which one (or two or three or four...) suit you best!

Tip#4. Create your own paper- If you don't want to spend too much on writing sets, you can create your own pretty paper! You don't have to have pretty paper, but it helps! :P You could use stamps or washi tape to create designs on plain paper! Perhaps you could doodle a border? There are so many possibilities for this tip!

Tip #5. Only write when you want to- Talking about nothing is a real skill, so I recommend that you wait until you have something to talk about before you write! One week you could be staying at home doing nothing and the next week you could be going out on several day trips or doing lots of fun projects! Don't feel pressured to write back straight away if you don't have anything to say! Things you could talk about are clubs at school, things you do online (such as blogging), where you have been recently, what you did on a special occasion and whatever else you can think of!

I hope you have enjoyed this post on letter writing and that it has inspired you to write letters to your family, friends and penpals more often! Letter writing is one of my hobbies that not many people can relate to but as a creative audience I hope you like this idea!

PS: I hope you like the photo I took at the top of the page! It took me a quite while to get the layout right and to edit it! :) I was inspired by missamrunaway's background ideas for blog photos post here . Hopefully you'll be seeing more better photos from me soon.
PPS: Have you seen the new layout/theme of my blog? It's for valentine's day that's coming up soon! If you didn't already know, I change up the look of my blog every now and then depending on teh season or special occasions that are going on at the time!

11 January 2016

Read With Your Cuppa' #5

Fashion Trend                                   

A big trend this Spring will be primary colours! These bright, bold colours make your outfit pop! It's perfect for brightening up Spring! It makes a great change from the pastel colours of Easter eggs! Mix up your look!

Youtuber to Watch
Baylee Jae

If you are interested in art then Baylee Jae is a great youtuber for you! She shows you the method of her art, tutorials, challenges and more! I enjoy watching her videos for inspiration and guidance in my drawings!

Inspirational Quote
Image result for inspirational quote

This post's inspirational quote is about making dreams a reality. Make your dreams goals and make plans for how to achieve them! Always try before saying you can't do something! You should always give something a go!

Recommended Website
Image result for TopModel

www.topmodel.biz is a great website for budding fashion designers! On this website you can share your designs, create new ones, enter contests, play games and more! It is an awesome community of young designers joined together in one place! There is always something going on!

Snack to Try
Image result for frozen grapes

A long with the new year, lots of people are trying to be healthy and cut down on snacks! So for this post I'll be showing you a healthy snack! Frozen grapes are a refreshing, delicious and quite healthy snack for you to try out! Just pop some grapes in the freezer for a few hours (or over night) then enjoy them as a more fulfilling alternative to normal grapes!

I hope you have enjoyed this Read With Your Cuppa' post. Please leave suggestions for next time in the comments, write what you want to see and I may make it happen! Thanks for reading!