05 March 2016

Creative Ways to Come up With a Post Idea

Hi guys! Today I will be telling you some ways to come up with a blog post idea! But instead of giving you some simple tips, I'll be showing you some more creative ways to come up with an idea. Hopefully since they're more creative tips, they will help you to write more creative posts too! Keep reading to see what I have to say about blogging ideas!

Start with something BORING
This idea may seem weird but hear me out! Starting with something you find boring when writing a post can make people intrigued and want to read your post. Think of a topic you find boring (perhaps homework or something else) then use your writing style to make it exciting! Giving people tips on how to have fun with a topic you find boring will draw them in and make them want more.

Ask yourself what you would like to read
Think of you! What type of post would keep you hanging on every word? Wanting more? Well start here! Whatever your passion is: cooking, drawing, writing, whatever-make a post about it!  You could probably go on about it in real life for AGES so why not create a post that shows off your hobbies? Your personality should radiate from the reader's screen making it a better post!

Take a look at blog post ideas-then don't use the ideas
This certainly sounds strange since it seems totally illogical, but I do this often. I think to myself 'hey I haven't made a post in a while, better look for some inspiration' so I trawl through some blog post ideas before leaving without doing any of the ideas suggested. However, this time wasn't wasted! Oh no! I really do get inspired by these posts but none of the ideas jump out to me. Why? Because they'e not from me, they're not my style. But, I do 'recycle' the ideas. What I mean by this is that I see an idea and add to it to make it my own! Perhaps I'll see see a generic idea then decide to put my own spin on it to make it unique.

If you still need some ways to come up with blog post ideas after the more creative ideas...here are my extra little tips for you:
.Take a look at this blog post generator for ways to start your blog post titles
.Keep reading blogs (especially ones that write about similar topics) to get inspired
.Take a look at your stats to see your most popular posts then write new posts inspired by them
.Ask your readers for ideas, after all, they're the ones reading(but don't do their idea if you don't want)
.Keep a blogging notebook to write your own ideas for posts and keep any notes that inspire you

So I hope this post has inspired you to get creative when coming up with blog post ideas and has given you a few extra ideas to help you along. Let me know your best tips for blogging down in the comments!

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PPS: I just changed the template of my blog for Spring, hope you like it!