24 April 2016


It's been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd update you on what's been going on! I've been quite busy recently, that's why there has been a big gap between my last post and this one! :)

 I am currently planning a few exciting things for my blog including:
. An art collab with 5StarArtists and anyone else who wishes to join (details here)
. Some fashion posts! I have lots of ideas but aren't sure where to start.
. A What's in My Sketchbook no.2 (check out the original for older sketchbook here)
. A colouring post with my tips, completed pages, recommendations and more

What else have I been up to?
.Looking for a penpal (female, about 12-15, creative). If you are interested then please leave a comment with a few facts about you (such as your hobbies and the country you live in). Check out the extra information later on in this post.
(Thank you very much to everyone who has shown interest in being my penpal! I now have quite a few lovely penpals so won't be swapping addresses with anyone else for the meantime. Thanks again everyone. :D)
.Finally starting a fashion portfolio/scrapbook!
.Working on a school art project!

Extra Info for People Interested in being my Penpal:
Country: UK
Hobbies: fashion design, art, reading, crafting, adult colouring, doodling, baking

Sorry that this was just a quick updates post, keep tuned for new posts! If you want to see specific posts I am planning on writing/currently working on then check out my coming soon page!

PS: The penpal doodle was drawn by me using my drawing tablet in Sumo Paint!