21 August 2016

The Am/Pm Routine Tag

Today I'm writing a chatty post! I saw this tag on Rosie's blog (http://rosieauthorwriting.blogspot.co.uk/) whilst I was catching up with my favourite blogs! If you want to see the blogs I recommend, please look at the list on the left hand side of my blog!

What is your morning beauty routine?
I don't have much of a beauty routine but I pretty much always put on liquid concealerwith a colour correcting primer and put my hair in a bit up and a bit down hairstyle. This is the basic 'routine' I suppose but I also wear more makeup on weekends. Makeup I wear on weekends varies but typically includes a bit of blush, bronzer (in summer), clear mascara (or black mascara every now and then) and neutral eye shadow. I don't tend to wear much makeup very often though.
What's for breakfast?
Normally I'll have toast with peanut butter, especially on a school morning because it's quick to make. Sometimes I have other breakfasts every now and then like croissants or cinnamon raisin bagels.
Coffee or tea?
Tea! I don't think I've had much coffee before actually. I normally have Yorkshire Tea but I also love to have chai tea in Winter!
How long does it take you to get out of the door?
On a school morning it takes me about 40 minutes in the morning to do everything (eat my breakfast, get dressed, brush my teeth, put my shoes on, etc) but on weekends I take a bit longer perhaps an hour?
What's your go-to make up look on a fuss-free morning?
A bit of concealer, tinted lip balm and sometimes mascara.
What is your evening routine?
I have a shower or bath and exfoliate my face with my pink grapefruit neutrogena face scrub and wash with my watermelon shower gel. If I have a bath, I also use LUSH products. I am loving the Sunnyside orange scented bubble bar at the moment!
Snack time! What's in the bowl?
After school I have a piece of fruit or a yoghurt but on weekends I tend to have something savoury like chilli peanuts or crisps.
How do you wind down and prep for bed?
After I get ready for bed (have a shower, pack my bag and brush my teeth) I watch a comedy whilst I do something else. I love to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S on an evening whilst I do something creative like colouring or writing to penpals! Sometimes if I'm not watching a program, I might watch some crafty YouTube videos or browse pinterest. Also, I like to read a book on an evening sometimes. I do all sorts of things on an evening so it's not just one thing I can say!
Cozy up! What are you wearing for bed?
If it's warm I wear a shorts and t-shirt PJ set. If it's cold I'll wear long pyjama bottoms with a top.
What are some things you must do before you hit the hay?
Put tea tree oil on my spots and drink a glass of water. These aren't things I absolutely must do every day but I do these things quite often.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about me in this chatty post! I tag everyone who reads this to give it a go if they would like to! It was very fun to try something different on my blog!

Head to the comment section to let me know if you enjoy this type of chatty, chilled out post where you get to know me! I'd love to hear what you think! 


  1. loved this post! most of your answers were so similar to what I would have put too haha! X

    1. Thank you! Ha-ha awesome! :)

  2. This is such an awesome post I loved reading it :)) I love friends too!

    1. Thanks Rosie! Who is your favourite character (I know it's a tough question so you could choose more than one)! My favourites are Rachel and Phoebe. :D

    2. I love phoebe and joey! haha xx

  3. This was a super interesting read Megan! I relate so much to using a wide range of products... whether it's camomile face scrub, coconut oil, raspberry shower gel or rose cream and the list goes on... xD Ah your morning beauty routine is a lot more interesting than mine! (I usually only get round to putting on bits of jewellery and clips and that's about it haha. ^^') I also love how organised you are - I wish I could be like that! xD Do you visit The Body Shop just wondering? (I love their products so much!)

    Ahhh these tags are so fun! I usually only do tags on Scratch or Tumblr or Facebook but now I've seen yours I think I'll give it a go on my blog! :D

    1. Thank you kenza! I try my best to be organised but sometimes I don't always succeed! xD I've been thinking about making a post about how to be organised. What do you think? Yes I do visit the Body Shop (I'm also have their points card)! I mainly use their body mists, I'm using the pink grapefruit one at the moment but I also love the orange one! <3

      I'd love to see a tag on your blog! :)

    2. You're super welcome! Aah not being organised is one of my common pet peeves. xD That sounds like a brilliant idea! I'd love to hear about your organisation tips! Awesome I think I'll try them out! I personally really liked their strawberry products. :D Thanks I'm working on it! <3

    3. Ok, I think that will be one of my dreamcatcher posts then! I know that it's hard to juggle school and blogging so it will be fun to write my advice! I have one of the strawberry body butters which I love and a strawberry body mist (but I'm not too keen on the scent in a body mist, but that's just because I prefer citrus scents). You're welcome,yay! :D

  4. Cool! I am going to do a chatty post too! We are so similar!

    1. Awesome! I'm sure it will be a great read, sometimes it's great to just do a chatty, chilled post! :D


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