24 April 2017

Trying Out New Creative Hobbies

A while back, in my '2017 Blogging Resolutions' post (click here to read) I said that I wanted to introduce a few new topics such as bullet journalling and calligraphy. As of yet, I haven't posted about these topics yet. That's why today I wanted to show you three new creative hobbies that I have tried out recently: calligraphy, scrapbooking and bullet journalling.

#1:Calligraphy: Recently I've been trying out my Winsor and Newton calligraphy set that I got for Christmas. I've only had a few little goes at it so far but I've enjoyed trying out the little tutorial for a simple font. Here you can see my attempt at writing a phrase. The first time round didn't go so well because as you can see, the capital letters and lower case letters aren't in proportion to one another. I was practising for a title in my school art sketchbook. That's one of the main reasons why I asked for a calligraphy set for Christmas, so I could create interesting titles for my sketchbook. I'll have to practise a lot more to become skilled at calligraphy, but I'm already enjoying experimenting with all the inks.

 #2:Scrapbooking: I have a lot of cute crafting supplies so I thought I'd try out scrapbooking so I can use some of my supplies. Here's the first page in my scrapbook, it's an Easter page so I used lots of pastels and Spring animals to decorate the pages. I'm really looking forward to decorating more pages because it will mean that I'll have to take more photos of everything I've been up to. I think that will be great for me since normally I only take photos for this blog, but with a scrapbook I'll try to keep memories with my photos. 

#3:Bullet Journalling: I've been seeing lots of bullet journalling on pinterest and YouTube over the past year so I thought I'd give it a go myself. I asked for a dotted moleskine notebook for Christmas so I've been using this lovely notebook to start my own bullet journal. I've not been doing daily or weekly spreads, only a monthly tracker and a few other random pages (e.g. books to read). I've only done simple designs so far to see what it's like to be a bullet journaller. It may look like I've not done well at the goals I've set myself, since there's lots of blank spaces but I'm actually happy with what I've achieved. These aren't necessarily goals that I have to do every day, I just want to see how often I do things like colour or practise calligraphy so I can decide whether I should do it more often or not. I keep a bullet journal to motivate me to do creative things regularly and it seems to be working for me. I think it's something I'll improve on over time as well. By the way I haven't fully filled in everything yet and some rows don't even have a goal on since I ran out of ideas hehe.

I hope you've enjoyed today's quick post. I'll be writing about these topics again once I've practised a few more times and have some more creative things to show you.

Over to you...
Have you ever tried out these hobbies? Let me know about your experience in the comments! Also, have you been trying any other new things recently? 


  1. I love reading, and I've even set up a book blog reviewing them!! I've had an interview with Cathy Cassidy and other authors 😄 If you're interested here's the link: http://bookwormworld1.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks for sharing, I'll take a look soon. I'm a fan of Cathy Cassidy's books too. Also, I am writing a blog series for her blog. If you want to see the most recent one you can see it here:http://cathycassidydreamcatcher.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/megan-adapting-your-blog-to-make-you.html ! How did you put that emoji here? :D

  2. This post is super interesting Megan! I love how it links back to the 2017 resolutions post from the beginning of this year. It's so awesome to see you were true to your resolutions btw - I'm personally not too good at that! xD

    Calligraphy is a really intriguing art topic! And your handwriting is so pretty! (I love the way you wrote "craft" on the last line for instance.) Is this a gold calligraphy pen? At the moment I only have a set of black, but coloured pens must be awesome!
    I love scrapbooking! (Even though I haven't done it in such a long time ahh) This page's Easter theme is so beautiful and brings me back those Easter vibes haha! xD It's also super inspiring and makes me want to try scrapbooking in one of my notebooks. Speaking of which, do you think it's common to turn a notebook into a scrapbook? :D The pictures you've collected go so well together! <3
    Ahh I really wanted to see your result for bullet journaling since it's something I'm not too familiar with! (I think it's something I could do too because I'm always cramming details in my to-do list notes) I love how organised your tracker is too! I'm sure it would help a lot to meet deadlines on time and allow for more activities to be done. :) It'd be really interesting to see more of your bullet-journaling pages as I'd love to get an idea of what it's all about! What kind of pages does a bullet-journaler create btw? (I'd love to have a go!)

    Looking forward to seeing the continuation! :D
    To answer your question, I've tried scrapbooking before and some calligraphy but not bullet-journalling yet... I'm hoping to get round to some this summer! Do you have any tips for beginners? ^^

    1. Thanks kenza! Hehe, I think this was one of the few ones I was actually true to-I am yet to post about fashion design or make any more YouTube videos. But in my other personal new year's resolutions, I've been following the:read at least one book per month rule (infact more than one per month someimes). But don't be fooled into thinking I'm organised-I've given up on most of my resolutions (but that's the good thing about having several, I'm bound to succeed at at least one). xD

      I didn't use a pen like a brush pen but I used a gold ink with a wooden handle and metal nib for this. But I loev the look of watercolour brush pens! I haven't scrapbooked for a while either actually! I'll try to do lots during the Summer holidays though! Yes I think some people scrapbook in notebooks but tend to call it a travel notebook or a creative journal rather than a scrapbook. Thanks! Yes it really helped me to stay organised but unfortunately I haven't used it for a month or so I need to get back round to that next month! Once I get back into the swing of creating pages in my bujo, I'll post again! It'll be fun tot try out new layouts. I think that most bullet journallers use daily spreads which are to-do lists for each day. also monthly trackers (like I've shown are used very often). But there are some bullet journallers who like to be more creative with things like 'Books to Read', 'Mood Trackers' , 'Sleep Trackers', etc. I hope I'll have time to have a go at some of these more creative layouts and then I'll share them! My tip for bullet journalling is to be inspired by bullet journal layouts on Pinterest but don't necessarily copy them, because they might not help you. For example, I don't have a daily spread because I make my to-do lists on paper but I do create monthly trackers because I want to see my progress visually which I can't see as well with a list. I hope that makes sense! :D


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